• Living in the sun…

    Monsieur Duflot, viticulturist character in the film “A Good Year,” was ridicule because ‘sang to his vines. This however did not prevent Monsier Duflot from producing what was considered an excellent wine, much appreciated by collectors and sought by wine lovers. In a smaller scale, I too love to be different because I love to listen to the music of years past but yet so moving to me as I work each rows of our vineyards. As I prune each vine, as I move the terrain, as I check each grape, as I look at the sun filtering between each row we become one. It’s the music from my early childhood when I began to learn from my ancestors how to work the vineyards that is imbedded in my heart and accompanies me each day, like Joni Mitchell “Court and Spark”, 1974 Asylum, especially the song “People’s Parties” (www.jonimitchell.com), or David Crosby “If I could only remember my name”, 1971 Atlantic, or the song “Music is love” and “Laughing” (www.crosbycpr.com), by Jackson Browne ‘ not to mention “Late for the Sky”, 1974 Elektra / Asylum, especially the song from the title  itself (www.jacksonbrowne.com). If there is, and what are the effects of these musical notes on our vines, I do not know for certain. But I like to think that my soul it’s uplifted and I see and feel a greater harmony between myself and the earth. This can only produce a wonderful feeling, I am in full harmony!, after all, I am Living in the Sun…

  • A new season

    A new season is about to begin, and we at Leporati Ermenegildo Estate would like to invite you to be a part of a new beginning of discovery and history… At this moment, new shoots are coming to life, ready to write a new chapter as well as, a page of history of a new wine. Our interpretation of new wine is not relegated to a new brand, blend or rootstock, rather, to a true mate who will accompany us in a silent mode day after day throughout the growing season. Yet, a true testimonial of our life! We take great pleasure in sending you what this new life, discovery, and history looks like at this moment. It is our hope you will take great pleasure in the admiration and the wonder of nature. Nature it’s life, wine its life.

  • A magic vine

    From the short story “The Dream” written by Novella Ivaldi, during the experience of restructuring that will become the romantic Inn Le Petit Chateau “located in the hinterland of Finale Ligure:

    The vine… the vine… its magic.
    One day in autumn when the trees started to shed their leaves, I saw a big log sticking out hard and blackened, almost burnt, just above the ridge. I called Andrea, thinking it was a trunk to be removed because it looked dry, but as he approached, he recognized a vine. We started to clean it, making room all around it, finally, leaving it free to breathe and enjoy the warmth of the sun, since it was exposed to the south. Our vine had the first buds in the spring, and after they became leaves. A year later after pruning it, our vine began to bare some grapes! It may be ridiculous, but I had never seen a bunch of grapes before in my life. It ‘really magic what occurs every year!, now when I drink a glass of wine, which I fancy very much I think of mother nature and the wonderful work she does years after years so we can enjoy the exquisite juice borne from that first small bunch of grapes and the delicate process it will goes through so we can enjoy the delicate aroma. Once was a small vine, today in the summer, it runs along a good portion of our house wall and today it covers about half of it. Just like magic , in 2008 …………. we harvested a wonderful passito.

    Personally I have a beautiful and clear memory of last year Easter Monday, a day we spent at the Petit Chateau together with Novella, Andrea, my wife Maria Victoria and Emmanuel our son, who at that time was seven years old. The atmosphere at the Petit Chateau is of warm hospitality and true family feeling which impressed us a lot!, so much so, that when we set foot in our home, our son Emmanuel said: “ Mommy, Daddy when are we going back?”

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    “Mondovino, the War of Taste” a film by Jonathan Nossiter, Edizioni Feltrinelli, Series Real Cinema, first edition June 2005, (book + film).

    By Mondovino on the film pages. 3.4:

    Once upon a time the wine was born from the vineyards caressed by the sun and soaked in the taste of the land where it was produced. There were once families who cared for the taste of the drink they carried on the tables… Once upon a time. What now? Through three continents, Mondovino tries to answer this question… The documentary is a political saga about the misdeeds of cultural homologation; it breathes the atmosphere of the novels of Balzac, because ‘ Mondovino not only tells the trade of the nectar of the gods, but also and above all the soul of the families of the winemakers. It describes the “territory” as what encompasses the memory of man. It is about the Volna and Ornellaia, but above all civilization. Because what really collides here are two visions of the world: on the one hand, the followers of the unique thought, who fill the mouth with words such as progress, profit and order; On the other hand, that of the staunch humanists who defend diversity and tolerance. … It celebrates the importance of the transmission of knowledge that passes from generation to generation; consecrating the value of the cultural heritage that accompanies the wine production, because where there is wine, there is civilization.


    A vacation among the vineyards of Central California takes an unexpected turn when Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church), two friends in their thirties have not grown. Miles is an expert taster and big fan of Pinot Noir, and in our opinion, very interesting and his consideration about it: “it’s a difficult grape to grow, Pinot Noir isn’t a force like Cabernet that can flourish everywhere even when it is neglected. The thin, sensitive skin has Pinot Noir mature early … it does take care and attention, in fact only grows in very small hidden corners of the world and only the most patient and loving of farmers can do it, only those who actually takes the time to understand the potential of Pinot Noir can make the most of wine expression. Its aromas are the most haunting and brilliant and subtle and thrilling and ancient on the planet. The Cabernet can be powerful and uplifting, but it’s too prosaic for me. ” At this point a question arises: “perhaps, in life, you never feel even just for a moment a little Pinot Noir?”


    A good year” “A Good Year” with Russel Crowe, a film produced and directed by Ridley Scott, based on a novel by Peter Mayle. Crowe stars as the ruthless businessman Max Skinner. When he inherit a vineyard in southern France, Max a work fanatic starts to change and begin to appreciate the most precious and pleasant aspects of life. Finally found himself falling in love with a beautiful young woman (Marion Cotillard).Personally, I remember with pleasure a phrase from elder Uncle Henry dialogues with Max when he was a young boy: “you know Max because I love making wine? I love making wine because this sublime nectar is simply incapable of lying. Harvested sooner or later it doesn’t matter. Wines will speak softly in your mouth with complete and unabashed honesty whenever you drink it.