Here are some of the comments left by our guest in our guestbook after experiencing a wine tasting in our estate La Pavesia . We look forward to have you as our next guest…

Sabato, 20 Febbraio 2016

It was a real pleasure to spend time with friends and good wine. Giuseppe, Andrea, Salvatore and Julien, Parma

Venerdì, 19 Febbraio 2016

Grazie! I enjoyed the visit and I learned a lot from wines of Casale Monferrato. Thank you and I hope I can visit again! Kiitoksia Yieraiwski! Atte S. Helsinki, Finland

Sabato, 7 Novembre 2015

Grazie mille! Vielen dank! …  We really enjoyed the afternoon… and of course the wine! Familie H. Lake of Constanz, Germany  

Giovedì, 1 Ottobre 2015

A familia Leporati, Un grande e sincero ringraziamento per l’ospitalità durante la nostra visita. Muito obrigado por tudo! Gruppo Kesoja  BRASIL  

Giovedì, 21 Maggio 2015

Many thanks for your hospitality and the taste of your wonderful Barbera. Grazie. Davide and Victoria, Penryn CA, USA

Lunedì, 11 Maggio 2015

Franco, Thank you so much for your hospitality. You make wonderful wines and we can not buy these in Canada and so expect to see as return one day ! Gary and Mary K. Ontario, Canada  

Venerdì, 10 Ottobre 2014

Grazie Franco for all the wonderful food and your hospitality. Your wines are magnificent! Dan D. Denver, CO, USA

Venerdì, 10 Ottobre 2014

Franco Grazie! Delicious + wonderful! Ciarm G. Florida, USA

Sabato, 4 Ottobre 2014

Thank you very much for your time making known us your vineyards and wine… very good value. Danis M.  Marlborough, New Zeland  

Giovedì, 18 Settembre 2014

Grazie, fascinating tour, wonderful tasting, delicious Chardonnay. K. G.    Scotland

Sabato, 13 Settembre 2014

Thank you for tasting. Lovely to meet mother, son + Franco.  Pali + Ruben G.  Sydney, Australia

Venerdì, 12 Settembre 2014

Thank you for the lovely tasting from you and your family.  Charles UK + Jodie US-CT

Mercoledì, 10 Settembre 2014

Really interesting visit. Thank you your time and hodspitallity. Willy C. Ireland

Sabato, 6 Settembre 2014

Franco,  Grazie!!! We loved our visit with you. Vickie + Gerard C. Raleigh, North Carolina USA  

Sabato, 16 Agosto 2014

Dear Franco, Grazie for a wonderfull tour and delicious luncheon at your beautiful winery. We wiill always have wonderful memories of this beautiful day. Molti auguri. Jeanne and Joni M. Teresa and Celey D’A. Mineola, NY  USA  

Giovedì, 22 Maggio 2014

Thank you! Wonderful and beautiful. We need to see in the fall. John P.  Frisco CO, USA  

Sabato, 19 Aprile 2014

Great wine, beautiful vineyards! Enjoyed the tour and meeting Franco. Thank you! Kirk and Resa T. Decatur GA, USA  

Sabato, 19 Aprile 2014

We loved the wine and the hospitallity. We will come back as soon as we can for again to take some wine with us. Kasie and Podol from Switzerland Ule and Krisck from Poland  

Lunedì, 7 Aprile 2014

Un tres bel accueil, une belle visite et une belle decuverte de vins tres interessants. Merci pour tout. G. Goetz  Alsace, FRANCE  

Lunedì, 9 Dicembre 2013

Beautiful vineyards and amazing wine! Thank you for the hospitality! Jimmy and Koni K.  Portland, OR, USA  

Venerdì, 18 Ottobre 2013

Thank you so much for tacking the time to shall your beautiful winery and amazing wines with us. This was beenone a most memorable and informative experience trip. This was been  an amazing experience that we will never forget! Best wishes Shana D.  St. Louis. Missouri, USA  

Martedì, 3 Settembre 2013

A wonderful and educational experience. Thank you! Linda R. Phoenix AZ, USA

Sabato, 6 Luglio 2013

Thank you for the lovely visit! We really likes your wines, expecially the Grignolino. Grazie! Caroline and Roger, Amsterdam, HOLLAND  

Domenica, 7 Ottobre 2012

It’s very nice to taste some amazing wines from Franco. He is so diligent for many interesting thing in this clear and fresh cellar… Bernard S. from CHINA  

Domenica, 16 Settembre 2012

Sono felice di aver portato Kumiko a vedere per la prima volta un vigneto. Speriamo di tornare presto. Davide e Kumiko,  JAPAN  

Domenica, 8 Luglio 2012

Great experience visiting the vineyards and tasting the great wine together Franco and Giorgio. Thanks. Jenny and Nicole,  BELGIUM  

Sabato, 8 Ottobre 2011

Buonissimo. Amazing experience the visit and tasting was fantastic! Grazie mille. Dale C.  NEW ZELAND  

Mercoledì, 28 Settembre 2011

Franco is such a great wine maker. Loved the fine wines, in particular the Grignolino! Thanks so much. Elaine and Kim F.  Centennial, CO, USA  

Mercoledì, 20 Aprile 2011

Thank you, very good. John F. San Francisco, CA, USA

Domenica, 24 Ottobre 2010

Franco, thank you for your hospitality, great winetasting. Please visit us in Omaha! Peter & Jenny Omaha, NE, USA

Sabato, 16 Ottobre 2010

Grazie per la bella ospitalità. Etsuko Ochi I. JAPAN

Sabato, 2 Ottobre 2010

Grazie! Gruppo AUSTRIA (Corpo Diplomatico di Vienna)