Our philosophy

The Place.

The privileged place for us is the vineyard: in a world that seems to have no limits and boundaries, is reassuring and helpful to know where our roots are.

The Time.

We feel immersed in the moment, poised between past and future. We strive to balance the experience of tradition with the need to innovate.

Vision “vignetocentrica”.

In this historical reality, our thinking originates from the vineyard; we crossed and explored the world to return to the starting point, our vineyard.

The world of wine is extremely diverse and multifaceted and complexed.

In this reality so extensive and complex, we like to have clearly in mind some points:
The link with the territory where our wines are a natural expression of our heritage.

The size of our vineyard of 20 hectares, allows us to produce a higher quality, wine.

Follow each production stage, from the vineyard to the cellar, with stubborn will for quality and passion.

We strive to produce wines according to binding rules imposed by the various discipline protected by designation of origin. However, we like to give space to our imagination and personal sensitivity in creating some wines that are out of the norm of the D.O.C.
With this creativity we thought of some original, unique wines, in very limited quantity , which we would define concept-wines. These wines will be made not so much for the “market” but rather to give expression to a feeling, vision, stories and taste of our growers and producer, who live from “within” the highs and lows of this that cannot be specified as just a job.

The first of these wines will be a red wine, “ATTIMI DI TEMPO”.