• Sacred Mount of Crea

    From Casale drive towards Moncalvo-Asti, youll find road sign directing you to climb towards the Sacred Mount, immerse in this beautiful national park, you will reach the sanctuary dedicated to our Lady of Crea. The sacred mountain rises to 443 meters, surrounded by lush green setting. From a far you can see the PO River and the majestic Alps, where from the south you can observe the Ligurian Apennines, and in between the beautiful hills of Monferrato. They are 21 Chapels which have great artistic and religious value. Particularly striking is the paradise Chapel, built on the Summit of the mountain. In the Sanctuary, behind the major altar, can see the statue dedicated to the Madonna of Crea. The shrine is a point of reverence by the people of Monferrato which they flock to the site daily..


    From Piazza Castello in via A.Saffi where on the right you can
    admire in Piazza S. Stefano the homonymous church with
    adjoining Civic Tower (11th century), symbol of the city, as well as
    the monument to Luigi Canina. Continuing on via Saffi you reach
    Piazza Mazzini (better known Piazza del Cavallo) with the
    equestrian monument to Carlo Alberto of Savoy in the centre of
    the square. From Piazza Mazzini move on to Via del Duomo to
    reach Largo Angrisani from where you enter the cathedral
    dedicated to patron saint of Casale Saint Evasio.
    Very famous Krumiri cookies, are available at Pasticceria del
    Duomo in Largo Angrisani, or at the historic company Portinaro in
    the nearby via G. Lanza.

  • The Synagogue of Casale

    The synagogue of Casale Monferrato was built in the late 16TH century and rebuilt in the 19th century. In the mezzanine or women gallery, is situated the Jewish Museum composed of numerous liturgical objects in silver, in the basement is the Museum of enlightenment. To reach the Synagogue from Castle Square walk to Alessandria St after 200 yards you’ll see Olper Rd 44. During the week visits are by appointment only, closed on Saturday and Jewish holidays (admission fee).

  • Civic Museum and Bistolfi Gallery

    In the ancient environments of the former convent of Santa Croce are paintings, sculptures and, pottery (from the 13th century to the 19th century) belonging to the civic collections of the city. The archaeological room houses exhibits of the Lombard period unearthed in the Monferrato region. The Gallery from work done by sculptor Leonardo Bistolfi (1859-1933) consists of one hundred and seventy works: sketches, models made of terracotta, plaster, marble and bronze (admission fee).