From Piazza Castello in via A.Saffi where on the right you can
admire in Piazza S. Stefano the homonymous church with
adjoining Civic Tower (11th century), symbol of the city, as well as
the monument to Luigi Canina. Continuing on via Saffi you reach
Piazza Mazzini (better known Piazza del Cavallo) with the
equestrian monument to Carlo Alberto of Savoy in the centre of
the square. From Piazza Mazzini move on to Via del Duomo to
reach Largo Angrisani from where you enter the cathedral
dedicated to patron saint of Casale Saint Evasio.
Very famous Krumiri cookies, are available at Pasticceria del
Duomo in Largo Angrisani, or at the historic company Portinaro in
the nearby via G. Lanza.