We are pleased to offer a tasting of our wines at the premises of our estate La Pavesa, besides being a learning tool of each wine characteristics, often also constitutes a moment of socialization and enjoyment among people who participate.
It is our intention to propose different types of tastings like
Classic, La Monferrina, or your personal choice, they do not differ much for wine selection but mostly for the food which will accompany your wine tasting.
All our wines have their roots in this territory and are distinguished by their unique soul, so we recommend we choose together each wine, and together we can experience authentic artesian reality.

Ermenegildo Leporati

Wine tasting

Classic Wine Tasting

This type of tasting will accompany our wines with pretzels, breadsticks, crackers and cheese, but also with Krumiri, very famous biscuits of Casale Monferrato.

(By appointment only)

La Monferrina

This type of tasting provides the choice to accompany our wines with some of our famous Monferrato food like canap├ęs with green sauce or red, our famous pancakes called “friciulin”, bruschetta a la monferrina made with traditional sauces like our very own “bagna cauda”, and if you come during harvest season you can enjoy the famous “soma d’ai”. Cold cuts will also be served

(By appointment only)

Theme Tasting

This method of tasting runs away from the usual patterns, it gives more space to the imagination and curiosity, for example pairing our wines with various kinds of honey produced in the Monferrato region. However this is just a suggestion, because in reality choices can be many and varied, given the versatility of matching our wines with different food from other parts of Italy and European countries.
General considerations: We recommend to those interested, to make a direct contact with us, so we can plan in detail the various proposals and, at the same time understanding your interests and advise you in the available type of tasting.