• The Antique Market

    The antique market held in Casale Monferrato is one of the most important antique markets in Piedmont, visitors come from the surrounding territory to find something rare and worth buying. Hundreds of exhibitors are accredited to show their merchandise. From paintings, pottery, tools, glass, statues, fabrics, there is something for everyone. Historically the Casale antique market is the second antique market in Italy after Arezzo(Tuscany). The market is held every second weekend (Saturday-Sunday) of the each month.

  • Truffle and Wine

    In late October and early November, when the new wine rests in barrels after the harvest, there is the “Festival of the White Truffle ” in different towns in Monferrato. The more famous locations are nearby Ghenza Valley, Cerrina Valley, and the town of Moncalvo and as of lately Casale itself, with various culinary events. If you’re interested please book your visit.

  • Casale an Open City

    Every second Sunday of the month and the Saturday preceding it, several monuments are open to the public with guided tours.

    Open monuments are:

    • Chiesa di Santa Caterina (sec. XVI)
    • Torre Civica (sec. XI)
    • Cattedrale di Sant’Evasio (Duomo – sec XII)
    • Chiesa di San Domenico (sec. XII)
    • Oratorio del Gesù

    A special invitation is forward to all fans of the two and four wheels vintage cars/motorcycles. You are more then welcome to be our guests together with others collectors by showcasing your vintage jewel in our suggestive courtyard called “Tenuta Pavesa”. You’ll be showed our vineyards and have the opportunity to be part of a wine tasting reception in our reception hall. Our intent is to have the opportunity to admire your vintage machine and to exchange points of common interest. Let us call it a “Free Wheels conversation”.