A vacation among the vineyards of Central California takes an unexpected turn when Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church), two friends in their thirties have not grown. Miles is an expert taster and big fan of Pinot Noir, and in our opinion, very interesting and his consideration about it: “it’s a difficult grape to grow, Pinot Noir isn’t a force like Cabernet that can flourish everywhere even when it is neglected. The thin, sensitive skin has Pinot Noir mature early … it does take care and attention, in fact only grows in very small hidden corners of the world and only the most patient and loving of farmers can do it, only those who actually takes the time to understand the potential of Pinot Noir can make the most of wine expression. Its aromas are the most haunting and brilliant and subtle and thrilling and ancient on the planet. The Cabernet can be powerful and uplifting, but it’s too prosaic for me. ” At this point a question arises: “perhaps, in life, you never feel even just for a moment a little Pinot Noir?”