The “Choose a vine” initiative wants to be a happy opportunity to get in touch with the fascinating world of Vine and wine. We invite you to come here in Monferrato, at our farm, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the vineyard, among the rows permeated by sunlight, insistent by the continuous alternation of the seasons, and cured by the human work, patient and refined over time.

If you wish, you will be able to take part in a didactic experience before theoretical and then possibly practice, for example by pruning a vine. The winemaker will explain the various cultivation practices in place at that time, directly, offering you the opportunity to feel you winegrower. If you wish we can dedicate a small portion of the vineyard, where you can also go at any time and see in person the development of the vegetation, the growth of the grapes and their maturation.

You can also visit the wineries where the various processes will be illustrated, to conclude with the tasting of our wines, expression of this unique territory. With this service you can benefit from a discount on purchases made directly in the cellar. Adopt a row and you can request a customization of the bottles acquitted with your name. If you are interested you can write to us or call us at +39 0142.55616…….. “Choose the vine”